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The Emergency First Response Course is a course that everyone can follow, diver or non-diver. In this course you will learn the first lifesaving actions when an accident occurs. You will also know what to do in life-threatening situations like a heart attack or poisoning.

There are no requirements to adhere to the Emergency First Response Course, anyone can follow it.

The two components of the Emergency First Response Course are primary care (CPR) and secondary care (first aid) for adults, children and infants.

The fun part about the Emergency First Response Course is that you are learning serious medical emergency response skills in an upbeat, positive environment.

What you have learned during this course is obviously applicable in your everyday’s life, be it at home, at work or during diving.

The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) focus on how to provide CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation)  and how to handle serious bleeding, preventing and caring for shock and spinal cord injury management. Basic Life Support (BLS) is the main topic of primary care and it is not only including CPR but also rescue breathing at layperson level. Another important topic is the use of barriers to reduce disease transmission risk.

You will also get an orientation on the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

The Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) learns you to supply first aid to cover injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening. The main topics are injuries and illnesses assessment, bandaging techniques and splinting of fractures and dislocations.

A video and a very descriptive and well illustrated manual accompany you through the course techniques.

Your instructor will demonstrate and guide you through practical sessions.

Scenarios will be acted out and you will learn how to react.

A small final exam shows just how much you have learned.

Be aware that your Emergency First Response certificate is only valid for 24 months. You need to refresh it every 2 years to get a new certificate.

Gain the confidence and be prepared to help in an emergency with the Emergency First Response Course. Don’t wait and contact us.

Course place: The course takes place at the diving center.

Course duration: The course can be completed in 1 day.

Course schedule: Theory sessions and knowledge reviews in classroom.

Price includes:

  • Transfer from and to your hotel.
  • Instructor.
  • Course material.

Price excludes:

  • Any personal expenses.