Abu Nuhas from Hurghada

Abu Nuhas from Hurghada

Abu Nuhas from Hurghada

Shaab Abu Nuhas  - Four wrecks for the price of one!

This triangular shaped reef near the Suez Canal shipping lane has claimed more ships than any other in the Red Sea. This wreck graveyard is situated three hours north of Hurghada with four complete wrecks, the Giannis D, the Carnatic, the Chrisoula K, and Kimon M. Although unrelated to each other, they have sunk within few hundred meters of each other which makes this site a haven for wreck divers. 

Although you need to be PADI Advance Open Water Certified to dive this site, the wrecks are quite shallow, so suitable for inexperienced certified divers. Abu Nuhas is also home to an array of great Marine Life and beautiful hard and soft coral.

Giannis D

Giannis D is a 100 meter long ship which collided with the reef and sank in April 1983. The ship’s stern and bow are still intact. The stern lies in the sand at around 24 meters, while the bow is at a shallower depth facing away from the reef. This wreck is noted for sightings of scorpionfish, teira and batfish, and huge numbers of glassfish. The masts and railings, including the wires and cables of the ship, are enveloped with soft corals. 


Carnatic, found next to Giannis D, is one of the oldest wrecks in the Red Sea. This 90-meter long British steamer sank in 1869. It was carrying passengers and cargo including gold and wine from Suez to Bombay. The two broken portions of the vessel settled on the bottom. The stern and bow remain intact and accessible to divers. The wreck is teeming with colourful marine life such as lionfish, glassfish, and nudibranchs. Groupers and jackfish patrol the area in search of food. 

Chrisoula K

In August 1981, the freighter Chrisoula K was on its way out of The Suez Canal and headed to Saudi Arabia. Measuring almost 100 meters in length, this Greek cargo ship was carrying Italian floor tiles when it hit the reef at Abu Nuhas. The shallower parts of the wreck are nestled at around 4 meters and deeper parts at depths of 28 meters. The stern remains intact. You can access the wreck from different points, ranging from easy to more challenging ones.

Kimon M

Kimon M is the largest and deepest of the four wrecks and sank in 1978. The vessel was transporting lentils from Turkey to India when it hit the reef at full speed. A passing ship received the distress calls and was able to rescue the crew. Kimon M, lies on its starboard side at a depth of slightly more than 30 meters. Most of its equipment have been removed making it ideal for swim-throughs. 


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