Scuba Diving Courses Makadi

Why is Makadi such a popular place for diving courses? Can it be the gorgeous weather, the fantastic beaches? Or is it just the clear waters and the colourful, tropical sea-life? Whatever the reason, Makadi is the top choice of many and could be the best for you too.

At Master Diving Center we can organize courses for you. We are offering a full range of courses. From your first tentative lesson in Discoverer Scuba Diving to the mastery of all things related to diving in the Divemaster Course. You can do it all here.

Interested in earning your ticket the ultimate adventure? You want to learn how to dive in a safe environment with friendly professionals? You want to learn at your own speed in becoming a confident and competent diver? You want to explore planet Earth’s last undiscovered frontier? You want to revive your skills up to the next level? Well than you definitely should get certified.

You are searching for more reasons to follow a course with us? What about the excellent dive conditions of the Red Sea such as warm waters, good visibility and gentle currents. Or what do you say about following your courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And let us not forget the impressive marine life living beneath the surface of the Red Sea.

Our dive team consists only of highly trained instructors who will be happy to assist you during your scuba diving education. You will enjoy a high level of training, done at a superb facility. Our instructors have years of teaching experience.

The scuba diving equipment that you will use during your courses are in great condition and is serviced regularly.

All our courses can be started every day all year round. Beside the regular courses, we emphasize environmental awareness and encourage our customers to learn more about marine ecosystems.

As a dive centre we are committed to inspiring the next generation of scuba divers. Our mission is to create safe, eco-conscious divers who respect the seas and oceans and relish the exploration, challenge and travel opportunities that scuba diving, here in Makadi, offers.

Start your diving adventure with us!