Daily Diving Trips from Makadi

Being an area of Hurghada, Makadi can also be considered one of the world’s top
diving destinations. In other words, diving from Makadi with us is a wonderful
experience. You will see certain species quite often but also keep in mind to always
expect the unexpected when diving in the Red Sea with us.

If you would like to explore the Red Sea while remaining land-based, than are our
daily diving trips from Makadi the perfect way to do so.
The Red Sea offers a fantastic display of marine diversity and an impressive array of
different diving conditions and environments. High-speed currents or gentle drift
dives, colourful walls with monumental boulders or endless valleys of coral gardens,
seamounts and pinnacles or lunar-like seascapes, the Red Sea boasts it all. With
frequent sightings of turtles, moray eels, different kind of rays and once in a while
some reef sharks along with macro life galore, beginners and experienced divers
alike will find something amazing during their time in the water. And most of the year
the water temperature is usually quite warm.

We optimize the experience for all divers depending on the level of training each
diver has.
All dives are prefaced with briefings to remind you of diving and safety procedures as
well as an introduction to the dive site.

Our team of experienced guides and instructors have one priority: to share with you
the best diving the Red Sea has to offer, safely and professionally.
We believe in quality and safety. That’s why we use high quality equipment. Dive with
confidence in excellently maintained rental equipment.

All our boats have experienced and competent crew, our captains know the waters
here like the back of their hands. They always drop us in the best spots and is ready
to pick us up once we surface. Apart from ensuring your safety, the crew offer a
relaxing and positive atmosphere.

If you haven’t been diving for a while, we strongly suggest you to sign up for a quick
refresher session.
Master Diving Center offers diving trips every day.

Join us on our daily diving trips from Makadi and enjoy two dives per day.
All of the staff and crew of Master Diving Center look forward to welcoming you and
we aim to leave you impressed with the amazing diving in the Red Sea.